Writing Exercise 2

There wasn’t much to understand about what happened.
This is how much tells of the senseless or foolish begin.
And yet, there is always more reason than we care to see.
Because we only care about motive if it is use, you and me.

They said his name was Harley.
It was a Tuesday in June.
He had always behaved reasonable well according to the woman in the home where he rented a room.

His parents weren’t to blame, but people always whisper when you have an odd name.
But Harley isn’t so odd and John or Todd, single syllables often associated with the law.

And that is where Harley found his match.
It was on a lunch break from his office.
He thought to himself, “I don’t ever want to go back.”

Some thought had entered his mind.
He was caught up in a cycle of counting his wasted time.
It turns out that he just kept loosing track of all of his life in that office he would never get back.

So he devised a plan to make a way out.
He knew that he couldn’t just stand up and shout.
If you raise your voice and act like a fool, they’ll just discredited you and look on, amused.

An action as declaration needs to be direct and astute.
Make sure that it is remembered, striking their good senses at the root.
Now knowing that he could never go back and needing to make sure that he was understood,
It was determined that he should just start from the top.

That was the day Harley punched a cop.