Fantasy Basketball Weekly - 11/25/14

By Air Lainey


Well at least I’m consistent. 4 for 6 right again.

The husband ended up beating me, so that’s a total bummer...wait, not physically, just in the game of fantasy basketball. Schwarzes Herz Dunk beat Air Lainey (wrong), Luke’s Grand Team beat Barry’s Team (right), Stanton’s Swag Team beat the Ear-Blowers (wrong), SavageHarden beat Penny Hardaway Kicks (right), Steve’s Swag Team beat thabeet my meat (right) and lastly Jacob P beat Fight Me in da Paint (right).

Now for this week’s Thanksgiving week matchups. In honor of Thanksgiving, I’d like to recognize the mascots. They are way under appreciated and get no credit for being awesome. I’ll give you each a mascot that will correlate to how I think your fantasy team will play this week (I can already tell I’m going spend at least 45 min too long on this…).

Air Lainey (3-1) vs Barry’s Team (1-3)

Air Lainey’s mascot is Boomer the…cat? Barry’s Team’s mascot is Stuff the Magic Dragon. Stuff looks like he can fly and breathe fire, but I think Boomer may have some more talent.

Air Lainey wins this one.

Schwarzes Herz Dunk (2-2) vs SavageHarden (2-2)

Schwarzes Herz Dunk’s mascot is Benny the Bull and SavageHarden has Marv the Martian. They both have appendages on their heads, but Benny’s are sharper and will win it for Schwarzes Herz Dunk.


Ear-Blowers (2-2) vs Luke’s Grand Team (3-1)

The Ear-Blowers mascot, Moondog, is excited and playful while Luke’s Grand Team’s Rockin’ Astro is having a super groovy time. Sometimes being too excited can hurt your players…I predict Luke’s Grand Team takes the win on this one.

Steve’s Swag Team (3-1) vs Penny Hardaway Kicks (0-4)

Meet Rumble the Bison representing Steve’s Swag Team and Hugo the Hornet for the Penny Hardaway Kicks. Hugo is one of the best mascots, but had a bad experience once…Rumble is going to fumble his way to a win for Steve’s Swag Team.

Jacob P (3-1) vs thabeet my meat (1-3)

The Raptor is representing Jacob P’s team and Hooper is rooting for thabeet my meat. Hooper is way cool, but I think The Raptor seems extra motivated this week and will get the win for Jacob P’s team.

Fight Me in da Paint (2-2) vs Stanton’s Swag Team (2-2)

Wolf vs. Pug. Kind of a toss up between a wolf and a pug. Crunch the wolf is pretty vicious, but Claude the pug has some sort of stubbornness about it and I think will snort his way to a win for Stanton’s Swag Team.

So there you go. I based all of my predictions off mascots. I’m sure it will be completely accurate. I only made up three of these mascots. If you missed the story about the Hugo the Hornet, go back and look for the link. You’re welcome.

Editor's Note: You can say whatever you want about the Raptor, we all know that this is the truth about him: