Fantasy Basketball Weekly: 1/12/15

by Air Lainey


I only got half of my predictions correct this week. I also got half of my predictions wrong this week. Air Lainey beat Jacob P, Stanton beat Schwarzes Herz Dunk, I was totally wrong on the tie thing and Barry ended up beating Penny Hardaway Kicks, thabeat my meat beat the Ear-Blowers (hey girl, heyyyyy), Luke’s Grand Team lost to Fight Me in da Paint and lastly Steve’s Swag Team beat SavageHarden. 


In honor of the Golden Globes I thought after I make my prediction I will give you each a famous person that would play you in your future documentary if you become famous…or something… 

First up we have Air Lainey vs Fight Me in da Paint. I always said I’d pick myself, but I don’t think I can this week. I predict that Ryan will beat me. So, the person that would play me would be Kristen Bell. She’s small, blonde, funny, and I used to be a Bell. Ryan, I don’t know you, YET, but I think that Johnny Depp would be perfect for you.

K Bell.jpg

Next, we have Daniel vs Barry. Or should I say Channing Tatum vs Joseph Gordon-Levitt? Daniel wins this matchup. Daniel, I pick Channing for you because he is your spirit animal and Barry I picked Joseph for you because he dresses well. It all just makes sense.

Derek takes on Tony’s team this week. Tony, I pick you to win this week! Derek, I think the perfect actor to play you would be Lee Thompson Young. He played Jett on the The Famous Jett Jackson. We used to watch that show as kids so it seemed pretty fitting…As for you Tony. I think that the perfect person to play you would be Mark Ruffalo. I’ve never seen you mad Tony, which would be funny if you turned into the Hulk when you did and that’s why you don’t let yourself get mad. 

Luke’s Grand Team takes on Alison. Luke, you will probably win this week. Luke, the person that would play you is Robert Pattinson. I don’t think I need to explain this one. Alison, I think that Jennifer Lawrence would play you. She’s feisty and pretty. Except you have way better hair.  

Barker is playing against Jacob P’s team. I predict that Barker wins this week. Barker, I think that Nicolas Cage. I feel like you guys would have a lot to talk about together. As for Jacob, I think Gary Oldman would do a fantastic job.

Steve’s Swag Team is playing Stanton’s Swag Team. Two very swag teams, but there can only be one predicted winner. I pick Stan to win! Steve, I think Jerry Seinfeld would play a good you. As for Stan, this was a hard one, but I gotta go with Benedict Cumberbatch. He has an awesome name and you’d make a good Shelock.