Stay Woke 2015!

We are approaching a milestone here at Life As A Dagger. It has almost been a full year since we started running this blog!

Things just keep getting better around here and we appreciate everyone checking out our site and following along. There are a few enhancements that we have made to what we already do around here. Please take a moment to check them out!

We just added YouTube! Look for videos to be added regularly and check out what is already there: Life As A Dagger YouTube.

We also have an Instagram feed! See photos from our various photo session for shoes, clothes, art or whatever else we capture. Also, a great way to see when we have an article going up on the site! Go check it out: Life As A Dagger Instagram.

And, if you like to get your information the old-fashioned way, get over and follow our Twitter account which is filled with all the updates from our Twitter and Facebook so you'll always know right away when we post something. Or, when we retweet something really dumb from someone else! Life As A Dagger Twitter.

If that doesn't impress you, well, you're a hard one to please. But, we are thankful for everyone who has joined us since we got up and running. Oh, and podcasts. Everyone loves podcasts. Keep an eye out for those...