Fantasy Basketball Weekly 12/15/14

by Air Lainey

Week 7 Wrap-Up

I’m hopped up on Dayquil right now. I’ve had a sickness that resembles a cold all week so this post could be interesting. I got 3 for 6 correct for Week 7. BUT I have some very important news to share at the end of this wrap-up so keep reading…

Air Lainey was defeated by Luke’s Grand Team, Jacob P beat Schwarzes Herz Dunk, Steve’s Swag Team took the victory over Barry’s Team, SavageHarden barely beat the Ear-Blowers, and Stanton’s Swag Team overpowered thabeet my meat for the win. Now for the big news…PENNY HARDAWAY KICKS WON THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP! This is huge news because we are now into Week 8 and Penny Hardaway Kicks had yet to win a game. Congratulations, Tony. I bet someone out there thought I was going to tell you I was pregnant…sorry we have not yet begun to breed, we are letting Tyler and Alison go first to see how it goes.

Week 8 Predictions: Sweet, Sweet Rhymes

A po-em, for each of you…


This week is the week I’m ready to go,

I play a crazy Brooklyn I know this fo’ sho’,

I am up against Stanton’s Swag Team,

But Air Lainey's triumph will be keen.


Schwarzes Herz Dunk plays Fight Me in da Paint,

This is a tough one since I feel that I could faint,

The Dayquil isn’t working so it’s time that I choose,

I think this is the week that the Paint man will lose.


Barry’s Team is up against Mr. Jacob P,

I’m not sure about this, but I love licorice-flavored tea.

This is the week Barry has been waiting for,

It will be close though, and shouldn’t be a bore.


Steve’s Swag Team’s in good shape and in first,

But could the Ear-Blowers win and quench its thirst?

This is improbable and I think Steve will win,

If this makes you sad go look at The Bin.


Luke’s oh so Grand Team takes on SavageHarden,

This will be a close one so don’t be a shartin’..

I think this is the week that Barker will prevail,

Luke do not be sad, at least you’re not in jail.


Penny Hardaway Kicks versus thabeet my meat,

This could be a nail biter so hold onto a teat,

This is the time that Alison will succeed,

And it’s time that I be done, I really need to feed.