2014 In Music: The Facebook Chat That Went Nowhere

Welcome to the Future Past. A brief Facebook conversation between some of the Life As A Dagger posse on the music that dropped in 2014. Enjoy.

Daniel Coughlin: I have to say that the biggest music moment for the year that comes to mind is the most recent. The Run The Jewels 2 album was the thing for me. I was lazy about the first one, didn't get excited for 2, and always hesitated on Killer Mike. Listening to this album through in a single sitting was impossible to do just one time. Pretty sure the first day I gave it a listen; I played it all the way through about 6 times. I sent a text to one of my friends about it after my second listen through and he responded immediately that he was on his fourth listen through of the day already. It's that good. It deserves repeat listens. 96% of albums released in the last decade don't do that for me as a whole, just in pieces or singles. This was the first album in a long time from the rap or hip-hop genre that had me hooked for the duration.

Andy Wilcox: This is a cool idea. I guess mine isn't such a list of albums I liked this year but more of a moment that really stands out. When the album Nothing - Guilty of everything came out I listened to it heavily. But the record didn't click for me until I was lying on a beach in San Diego, in the middle of March and that album was playing over my friends speakers. Something about the heaviness of the guitars, the soft vocals, the perfectly timed drums made me more in a moment than I have been in a long time. It's really cool when a song or album can compliment perfectly what's happening in your life in that exact moment.

Anyways, I'm sick of studying for finals and was feeling nostalgic, sorry.

Morgan Luther: Oh, snap! I was half way through my top 10 for the site anyways. Are we not individually or?

DC: I'd rather do two things: 1 - Have more of an "oral" piece. 2 - If you think something truly was worthy of your time to spend 15-30 minutes writing about, do it. I don't mind posting pieces about individual pieces.

Whatever, I can say "pieces" as much as I want.

That's the benefit of paying the money for the site/domain.


Nathan Hankins: In that case, I end list compilation, and start spewing. Run The Jewels is amazing, an "all-star" project that produces at its potential. Schoolboy Q "Oxymoron" is my album of the year. From that "Man of the Year" is the song of the year. It was the first thing I thought of on the topic, and then after looking through lists and my own stuff it still was. Honorable mentions in no order: Drake "Trophies", OG Maco "U Guessed It", Future / Pusha T / Pharrell / Casino "Move that Dope", Sam Smith "Stay With Me", Beyonce "Drunk In Love", and the Makonnen / Drake "Tuesday".

Side note: anyone have an opinion on the statement: "Music from 2013 > music from 2014."?

DC: I see how we have similar yet completely non-intersecting taste. Schoolboy Q was an album that I very much enjoy when it came out. I fell out of love with it more with each listen. The production/beats are much too...polished? Not sure. No list should ever include anything from Drake.

NH: I have found peace through radical acceptance of my love for Drake. It's very hard to tell if I like Fergsomnia better than Man of the Year or if it just sounds fresher to my ears.

ML: Drake >

AW: Drake >>

DC: You achieve the rare feet of making me glad I'm not in college anymore.

AW: Feat.

DC: Feet pieces

NH: I'm very connected to the youth... pieces.

Nathan Dean Dimit: I wrote an article about your girl, call it a thot piece.

ML: 10/10. Applaud emoji.

NH: Car seats still smelling like 10 ki's / Tell the plug that I'm lookin' for an increase / Wingstop, fat boy need a 10 PIECE.

Jam and a shameless plug for his chain of chicken wing joints.

Addison Garry: From this year I got to say Rapsody, Andy Stott's “Faith in Strangers,” FKA Twigs “LP1,” and Aphex Twin's “Syro.” Also I got really into Rage Against The Machine, D'Angelo, and Vince Staples.

Also this song is so much fun.

ML: I will write 600 words on why Spotify premium is best. Fuck Rhapsody.

AG: I feel like we are talking two different things when we say that word...

NH: FKA Twigs is great. I do not like indie music, but that Future Islands song had me after his Letterman performance. I think everyone goes through a period of RATM. For me it was 1999-2005. For Dan it was April of 99.

AG: What is RATM?

NH: Rage Against The Machine. I'm 32 and lazy.

AG: Okay, you could have just said rage.

NH: You could have said "Sweaty Angst Polemics." You could have just said "Sweaty Angst Polemics."

AG: I mean I could have. But I just didn't, so yeah.

DC: Rage = a feeling most whites have when their iPhone is slow. RATM = one of the best bands to make it mainstream OF ALL TIMES.

I'm a bit disappointed that no one seems to be getting hyped on the new TV On The Radio. It is very good. Seems to be growth, not easy for an group that has been around for as long as they have. It feels different, almost more "rock." This song getting a lot of play for me:

AG: Yeah, I listened to some of it in class, thought it was good.

NDD: Legitimately forgot that even happened. They were one of my favorite bands in high school. I'll listen to it soon.

DC: I'm not sure what people are missing, or whatever it is that has them not interested. Probably one of the only releases that NO ONE has talked about at all.

AG: I totally forgot about Damon Albarn's awesome album “Everyday Robots.”

DC: Thank you for describing what you are talking about so well, I can tell that I should know what that is and why.

NDD: By the time I listen to everything from 2014 it will be March of next year.

AG: Well, it was an album by Damon Albarn, front man of Blur, Gorillaz, and The Good, The Bad, and The Queen. It came out April of this year. I find it extremely enjoyable to listen to.

ML: Ratking. Death Grips. Ghostface. Peace.

NH: This says so much about music. And also that it's moving in the RIGHT direction. HELL YEAH FUCK DIE FOREVER!

Also forgot this. Album next year, but this single is great. I liked his mixtape, "1999," and it was brilliant for an 18 year old. This single had the roughness that makes it infinitely listenable.

Dan, that TV on the Radio album was good. Gave it a spin last night. Jimmy Eat World isn't my cup of tea, but if it was that TV album would be my daily.

DC: Insert GIF here:

I dig that Ratking very much, it's different. Better sounds than what "rap" produces, classic and high quality delivery. Plus the single, "100," was precisely that, 100.

NH: I forgot about this little gem. I sing this outloud walking around the hospital. But without the overdubbing, or talent, it just sounds like I'm very lonely.

DC: For about the fourth year in a row, the best singles for me were products of Julio Bashmore and Jacques Greene. Ratking put up a few solid jawns. Future "Move That Dope" has to be the second greatest outer space beat of all time.

No one impressed with Hail Mary Mallon, huh?

NH: “Move That Dope” was amazing. Push being Push, and Pharrell not being friggin "Happy." Had to look up those names you mentioned. Not sure which was the single. But I love house music.

AG: I don't know about the best single of the year. My personal favorite song of the year is “Asiatsana,” the closer on Aphex Twin's “Syro.” I t just feels like a good wrap up for this entire year.

Just to make sure you know it is the piano version on the album, not the electronic on on YouTube.

NH: My favorite single was my neighbor playing the Cello through my ceiling on Mondays. The up tempo number.

DC: Andy, I'm going to incorporate your top 10 list unless you say not to, and then I will anyway.

AW: Sweet, I don't care at all.