My Love Affair With Santigold

My love affair with Santigold, born Santi White, began October 2012 with her appearance on Comedy Central's program The Colbert Report. She was being interviewed inside a helicopter aboard a battleship, the same battleship she would perform from on that episode. The first song I believe she performed was “Disparate Youth” from her then brand new album, Master of My Make Believe. And I thought it was fantastic, so fantastic I bought the album on iTunes the same day. I also bought her first album as well.

It is her first album that I love the most of the two. It is the song “Lights Out” that pushes it into one of my favorite albums of all time. “Lights Out” is one of my top five favorite songs of all time. You probably know it too, it was once the Pepsi song. (Footnote: for some reason songs I love get used in commercials.) But it isn’t the only good song on there, the whole front half is loaded with awesome upbeat tracks. Capped off with the most bug eyed crazy song she has ever made, “Creator.” The middle song, “My Superman,” is the slowest on the album. The second half is also stacked, with songs like “Lights Out,” “I’m A Lady,” “Starstruck,” and “Anne.” 

I love the production on Santigold’s albums. I love the blend of an insane amount of genres. I love her non-traditional vocal style. I love her weird quasi-raps. I just can’t stand that more people have not heard of her. Anyone that can make a straight man sing the hook to “I’m A Lady” is great in my book. (Footnote: the hook to “I’m A Lady” is “And I like sometimes to whip it out for everyone to see I’m a lady. I got my mind made up.”)

by Addison Garry