Hardcore 2015: Check These Records!

2015 has been an amazing year for music and as the year is coming to an end just a few weeks from now, I took some time to pick out some of my current favorite 2015 hardcore releases.

 Axis – Show Your Greed (September 4th)

Fast, emotional, angry, heavy and exhausting. Everything a hardcore record should be. It’s worth checking out for the drumming alone. 10 tracks of raw aggression.

Old Wounds – The Suffering Spirit (June 30th)

New Jersey hardcore boys that continue to improve with each release. Dark, grimy, metallic, and haunting. Old Wounds mixes emotionally charged metalcore with dark hardcore. Put down your Eighteen Visions album and pick this up instead.

xRepentancex- The Sickness of Eden (February 17th)

UK vegan straight edge, in your face, obnoxious, angry, point proving, metallic hardcore. It’s like they listened to Earth Crisis for a year straight and then released it in 2015, but in the best way.

Of Feather and Bone – Embrace the Wretched Flesh (Septemeber 18th)

Dark and heavy and dark, see a trend here?

Discourse (RIP) – Sanity Decays (January 25th)

The final and debut album from Discourse doesn’t re-write the hardcore playbook but it still rips.

Forced Order – Vanquished Crusade (August 7th)

Riffs on riffs hardcore that will guarantee a spin-kick or two and has just enough one liners that will inspire some script tattoos don’t worry. Eat your heart out Integrity.

Straight Razor – Straight Razor (May 19th)

Straight edge from React! Records, that calls back on bands like The Rival Mob and Carry On. An album that doesn’t take itself too seriously and an album full of slams for the mosh fans.

Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling (January 13th)

The breath of fresh air that hardcore needed. Just read my review.

by Andy Wilcox (@wilco204)