Best of 2015: The Andy Wilcox Music List

2015 was a wild ride for Culture Currency and everyone involved in the process. As the dust settles on a whirlwind year, we are glad to present the best (and worst) of 2015 according to us. So we hope you enjoy. If you don't, there is always 2016 to look forward to.

Honorable Mentions (IN NO ORDER):

Free - Demo 2015
Old Wounds - The Suffering Spirit
Napalm Death - Apex Predator (Easy Meat)
Turnover - Peripheral Vision
Axis - Show Your Greed
Forced Order - Vanquished Crusade
G.L.O.S.S. - Demo

Top 10 Albums of 2015

10. Title Fight - Hyperview

[Soaked in reverb shoegaze revival that sounds nothing like their old stuff]

9. Metz - Metz II

[Ripping and roaring punk rock]

8. xRepentancex - The Sickness of Eden

[XVX in your face]

7. Strange Wilds - Subjective Concepts

[Nirvana worship, and God knows I did tons of that this year]

6. Cloakroom - Further Out

[It’s like a dream but you are headbanging the whole time]

5. A$AP Rocky - At.Long.Last.A$AP

[Dark house party, with this record blasting]

4. No Joy - More Faithful

[A warm cozy blanket of distortion that you never want to crawl out from underneath]

3. Turnstile - Nonstop Feeling

[I’m not even going to try to defend myself]

2. Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly

[Come on, this is the best album put out this year hands down]


1. Chelsea Wolfe - Abyss
[Maybe because I listened to this album for a month straight in July in a house with no air conditioning until I wasn’t afraid of it anymore, but something about this record captured me and didn’t let go. My favorite release this year.]

by Andy Wilcox (@wilco204)