The Unpopular Opinion: Big Krit’s "Cadillactica" is Not Good

Big Krit - Cadillactica

Metacritic score - 88/100

"DJ Booth’s best mainstream hip hop album."

Opening Argument

Big Krit is a good rapper, he just isn’t a good album curator. Cadillactica has a few stand out tracks namely “Life,” “Saturdays = Celebration,” and “King of the South.” He ruins all the goodwill those tracks generate with the worst Krit song I have ever heard, “Mind Control.” The rest of the album is just weak; the features for the majority of these songs are worthless. Overall this album suffers from a litany of weak songs and useless features.

Body of Evidence

This album starts on a weird note with “Kreation,” it is very smooth and atmospheric. Krit’s flow is almost a spoken word style, with a weird melodic tendency. Right after, “Life” kicks in, a much more intense song. It is easily one of the best sounding and most enjoyable cuts on this album. Then a much different style of song starts on “My Sub pt. 3,” a much more dirty south sounding song. It has just a ridiculous amount of sub-bass and 808 cowbell. This is one of the better tracks. And then one more good track to  really stack the first fourth of this CD, “Cadillactica.” Then “Soul Food” destroys the established rhythm. It is the first song with a feature from Raphael Saadiq and it just feels really out of place after three spacey jams and one dirty south track - especially with the idiotic intro. “Pay Attention,” the most radio friendly song on here is next, and the rhythm set in the first four tracks is just obliterated. To make things even more awkward the strongest and most intense song comes next. “King of the South,” easily the most lyrical and best display of what Krit can do. Then the worst happens. “Mind Control” is just so awful - the beat is awful, the chorus is horrific, the guest features are bad. This song just makes me so unhappy with Krit, why is it on here? It destroys all the goodwill accumulated thus far. An enjoyable interlude follows.

For some reason two love songs follow, “Do You Love Me” and “Third Eye.” They are not terrible songs, but they are not good. Though “Third Eye” is better it still isn’t good, the chorus just ruins it for me. “Mo Better Cool” is next and it is fine, not anywhere near the precedent set by the first four tracks. The next track “Angels” just is too strange for me, it’s a song about Krit pondering if angels get high. Then for some reason “Saturdays = Celebration,” a track that is totally out of place on this album, but is really good. It starts with an awesome feature from Jamie N Commons. The beat is really strong here, when the drums kick in this song elevates to a different plane than the tracks preceding. Lost Generation the last song in the theme of this album is okay. I really want to like it, Lupe Fiasco is featured and I know this could have been an awesome track. It just isn’t. The most inexplicable thing follows, a reprise version of "Mt. Olympus." The beat is more subdued here and it harms the track.

Closing Statement

I like Big Krit, he can rap, he just can’t curate an album well. I expect his next album to be better.

by Addison Garry