When is Eminem Worse than Iggy Azalea?

Before the Grammy’s aired there was many an article on what it would mean if Iggy Azalea won best rap album. Many said it would be a sign that white people were in control of another black centered art. Instead of Iggy winning Eminem snatched it. Now not one of those people cared if Eminem won because, he is an institution in Hip Hop. Even if he hasn’t had a good album in over a decade.

I honestly think its worse that Eminem won over Iggy and everyone else. He won on a bad album. You could argue that Iggy also had a bad album. Eminem didn’t really have any good singles. There was “Monster,” but that was not a good song.

Iggy on the other hand a newcomer, blew up off her irresistible record “Fancy” and her feature on “Problem” by Ariana Grande. She did much more to deserve a Grammy than Eminem did. She started almost as much controversy on twitter as Eminem started in the early 2000’s with his content.

Azalea deserved the award more than Eminem. It showed that the Grammy’s voted for Eminem because of his name, not his album instead of taking a chance on the other five albums up for the award.

by Addison Garry