Switchfoot: The Sound of My Adolescence

The two times I almost cried from listening to music occurred during songs by Switchfoot. The first happened one night at 4:12 am, I was sleeping and woke up to “Yesterdays” from Oh Gravity!. I don’t know why I wanted to cry, I just did. The song is pretty sad in its content about a friend who has passed on. The other time was in a hotel room, late at night as well, listening to “Sing It Out” from Hello Hurricane - my personal favorite album of theirs.

When I was growing up, in a Christian household, I didn’t listen a large amount of bands. Listening to rap was not a thing for me until the end of middle school. So the one band that I was able to listen to that I actually really enjoyed was Switchfoot. I was introduced to them with their album The Beautiful Letdown, as many people were, and I really liked it. My favorite song from it at that time was “Adding To The Noise.” That song was basically my punk anthem, god that is awful to say. That album was really good, at that time, but it has not aged well.

The group grew a lot between The Beautiful Letdown and their next album Nothing is Sound. I didn’t really enjoy Nothing Is Sound until 2013, it was on 2006’s Oh Gravity that I really liked their more mature content, the song “Faust, Midas, and Myself” is a favorite and I think one of their best songs overall. After 2009’s Hello Hurricane, the band and I drifted apart. 2011’s Vice Verses was okay, and 2014’s fading west was alright. While I don’t see another great album in the future from them, I do think that they will remain a solid band. 

by Addison Garry