Mail Day: React! Records - Break Away and Ancient Heads

React! Records is definitely the most excellent record label out there. They are one of the few labels that continuously puts out excellent jams that never stray from the basic principles of hardcore: raw, fast, aggressive, fun, lyrics that (generally) have something to say.

I first got into React! back in the glory days of MySpace. Aram, formerly of Champion, launched pre-orders for a 7", RXR-001 (or whatever catalog number it had back then), from a band called Get The Most. I hoped in on that and haven't missed a release since then.

This week I received their two newest releases. First up, a 12" from Richmond, VA straight edge punks Break Away titled "Face Aggression." The other release comes from Toronto edgemen, Anicent Heads. A 7" EP titled "It Can't Rain Forever."

by Daniel Coughlin