At.Long.Last.A$AP - A$AP Rocky

Dark, dreamy, hallucinogenic, welcome to Rocky’s mental. But don’t worry, it’s not without some flair.

A$AP Rocky, AKA Lord Pretty Flacko, AKA Rakim, AKA that pretty M.F, released his sophomore LP, A.L.L.A., an album that not only solidifies Rocky’s stance within the game today, but also shows that whatever is next might be his best work yet.

With each release (2011’s Live.Love.A$AP, and 2013’s Long.Live.A$AP), Rocky finds something. He found his style, he found his voice and he found his pedestal in 2011. In 2013 he found the mainstream, he found the connections, he found the industry. In 2015, A$AP Rocky found himself. On his sophomore LP, aptly titled At.Long.Last.A$AP, Rocky explores: drugs, relationships, religion, God, life, death, the hustle, fashion, fame. There has never been more of an “A$AP Rocky” sounding record, and boy does it sound good.

Drenched in drug influence, dripping in the recent death of A$AP member A$AP Yams (RIP), and soaking in the limelight and the model ex-girlfriends, Rocky delivers his most polished record to date, all while wearing a pair of pants that cost more than your Honda Element.

A$AP Rocky- L$D

Just because you are 25, doesn’t mean you aren’t that same kid that you were at 15, of course you are, just a refined, mature, smarter (hopefully) version of that. That’s Rocky. He still rapping about the same topics (drugs, fashion, girls, fame) but it’s different this time around. Contemplative, matured, experienced, the topics have gained a perspective.

A$AP Rocky has been known for his (mostly) great beat selection. His production value being a high priority in any of his releases. The overall bleakness of the production, matched with the vibrant, lucid, and energetic Rocky, creates a unique dichotomy on this record that is absolutely intentional. This dichotomy is most present on tracks such as Holy Ghost, Excuse Me, Better Things, and Canal St. Where there is the presence of confidence, a stiff upper lip, and a swagger exhibited by Rocky on tracks, the production mirrors this. Tracks such as Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2, JD, Electric Body, Wavybone, and M’s bring head nods, toe taps, baby arms, champagne pouring bump and grinds.

A$AP Rocky – LPFJ2

Rocky doesn’t care about some sophomore slump, he doesn’t care about impressing you, and thankfully he lets the mic do the talking. While this album isn’t without some boring, filler tracks (Fine Whine, Pharsyde, West Side Highway), Rocky comes closer and closer to finding himself. Artistically pushing his comfort zone and showing that he’s not afraid to show emotion, Rocky has lined up a polished and focused record, hell-bent on showing exactly who A$AP Rocky is.

by Andy Wilcox (@wilco204)