Turnover's Peripheral Vision

I’ve been dying to get you dizzy.

Turnover is a pop punk / emo / alternative band from Virginia. Turnover is a band that, for all intents and purposes, was forgettable. Releasing an EP in 2011, and a full length titled ‘Magnolia‘ in 2013, Turnover was lost in the waves of generic pop punk. A generation that idolized Blink-182 and Green Day just a little too much. Turnover was just another The Story So Far, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, Crucial Dudes, Real Friends, etc. etc.

2015 has brought maturation amongst that aforementioned “scene”. With Title Fight’s ‘Hyperview’ (which I also reviewed, check it out on Lifeasadagger.com), Superheaven’s ‘Ours is Chrome’, Ceremony’s ‘The L-Shaped Man’, and more recently Citizen’s ‘Everybody is Going to Heaven’, this trend of moving from pop punk or hardcore roots to post punk / emo / shoegaze, isn’t something groundbreaking.

Aside from this recent trend, Turnover has still been able to create an album that matches beauty with just enough innovation to keep things interesting all while capitalizing on their own unique sound. They didn’t completely abandon their past sound (unlike Title Fight), but yet took a new direction.

Peripheral Vision is a dreamy, gloomy, and twinkling mess. Reverb soaked guitar leads shine through most songs, and are honestly the highlight of this record. Moderately paced, Peripheral Vision spans from emo alterative (Dizzy on the Comedown), to dream pop (Hello Euphoria, Take My Head).

Vocal sincerity is key, and the passion displayed throughout Peripheral Vision is something to focus on. Lyrically this album is not the strongest, (“Your father doesn’t like me because I’m not into sports”) but the delivery, the inflections, and the overall atmosphere that the vocals carry to accompany the music fits so well that you can forgive a cheesy line here and there.

It’s July 22nd and temperatures just reached 90 degrees and you are driving home and your air conditioner in your car isn’t working and you just want to feel something besides the sweat down your neck, let Peripheral Vision be the soundtrack to the hot summer nights. It won’t let you down.

by Andy Wilcox (@wilco204)