End of Summer: Brand New Limousine

The end of summer is a strange time because you can wear jeans but you can also still drive with the windows down and you still sweat at some points of the day but you have to start sleeping with the windows closed. And maybe I attach to music too easily and maybe that’s a good thing. But when Jesse Lacey sings “So green, yeah, you were right about me”, after that tiny ramp of a build-up and its nothing but his voice and a drum beat I get taken back to a dark road with the windows down in 2010 in the late summer. When I had no responsibilities except pre-heating an oven for a frozen pizza and which pair of vans I was going to wear that day. To me, Limousine is “summer,” and the end of it. Starting quiet and beautiful (May), becoming complacent in its sound and feel (June), building up to something (July), then fading off into static (August). I was listening to it over and over and over and over until one day the summer was gone. And the summer will always be back right after spring, and it will always fade the same.

by Andy Wilcox (@wilco204)