When to understand, when to withdraw.

I feel like I should write something.

Convention has taught me that when something of magnitude happens in your life, there is a shift in the way you think. So I guess I should write something.

My grandmother passed away. And I heard that death can make people think about their own morality. As if some miracle happened to them that they are still alive, but the life of another is gone. I think it’s cliché that it takes death for someone to start thinking about their own life, how little time people actually have, seize the day, carpe diem, blah blah blah. Everyone should already know that, but we also get caught up in living.

I did feel something fading though. I felt fading not only in the sense of a life fading, but feelings of anger, guilt, sadness, the extreme feelings, also fade. It’s hard to hold on to such intense feelings when you become familiar with the concept of a life ending. But once again I found myself thinking in clichés, as everybody already knows that life will end for everybody someday.

Now I know I mostly contribute music reviews, interviews, and reflections, so bear with me as I try to tie it all together. It’s no secret that some of the best music is written from the broken, depressed, and lost. Death is a catalyst. Making someone realize they need to start living their life, as if they already weren’t. So it’s no surprise that some amazing songs have been written around the topic of death, or death of a loved one. Perhaps the best, and most emotional example of recent memory, is the song “Your Deep Rest” by The Hotelier.

“I called in sick, from your funeral”

Another pertinent example of a song that focuses on losing someone close to you is “Sonny” by New Found Glory.

“But it’s better, where you’re going anyway”

Song’s like these - even if they are a more obvious allusion to a death of someone close to you - are just a few examples of how tragedy is transformed into poetry.

Death shouldn’t be a reason to start living.

Death shouldn’t be a reason to knock sense into you.

Death shouldn’t be a reason for you to put down a bottle or a needle.

Death shouldn’t be a reason to let go.

Death shouldn’t be a reason to feel a difference.

Death is a terrible part of life. My Grandmother was an amazing woman. Much better of a person than I have been, and was loved by so many. She had an amazing life that some people could only dream of. I was lucky to have her positive presence in my life. 

by Andy Wilcox (@wilco204)