The Year of Future: Dirty Sprite 2

Dirty Sprite 2 is the first of two retail albums Future has put out this year. It is a follow up to a mixtape from 2011 and is one of the most enjoyable listening experiences I had this year. So I went through and just picked out things throughout every song that I liked and wrote it down so you could read it. because this album is like dessert to me. It is immediately enjoyable, does not fill you up, but makes you remember it's sweet flavor later.

The first track is “Thought It Was a Drought” and the first sound you hear on DS2 is what I can only assume is the pouring of the most talked about subject on this album, lean. Which makes sense because it is the inspiration for the album title. The beat really sets the scene for the entire album, with its heavy low end and drugged out sounding keys. Future really wants you to know that he fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip flops, also that he pisses codeine. Which is not healthy, like it is the exact opposite of healthy. On"Serve The Base" he says "a whole lotta lean my nutrition." That song is decent otherwise, the little vocal sample that sounds like an autotuned goat is off-putting. "Where Ya At" is one of my favorites on the album. Future and Drake just sound so good when combined, they probably realized this as well given their recent collaboration on the What A Time To Be Alive mixtape. The beat is fantastic and they just flow on it perfectly.

The dirty bass on "Groupies" is so utterly wonderful that I want it on more songs. I did not know oohlala was a strain of marijuana, but apparently it is according to Future and he smokes it like The Fugees. “Lil One” has some great sounding drums and apparently Future’s little homie keeps a MAC-11 on him and they turned the hood to Iraq. Which I thought was Chiraq’s thing not Atlanta’s. The kick on “Stick Talk” is just sickening. Future loves “Freak Hoes” and his Cuban Linx is bigger than Wu-Tang’s. Future bought all the soda’s at the gas station on “Rotation”, I hope he shared it. “Slave Master” is another favorite on this album, even if the chorus should not be sung in public by white people. It just seems a little weird to commemorate someone who died by ODing with drugs. again the production is hood immaculate.

Blow a Bag” is another favorite and Future does nothing fugazi. Future is serious about this remembering people who have died with drugs thing. “Colossal” has some wonderful keys, but like most of Zaytoven’s production the drums are a little weak compared to Metro Boomin’s contributions. Though the keys are so dope, just like most of Beast Mode. “Rich $ex” is the most absurd song I have ever heard. it is about having sex while wearing expensive jewlery if you did not already know. Which is ridiculous and sounds perpostorus. “Blood On the Money” is the final song of the basic edition and is a pretty mellow song for this album. Future is treated like El Chapo according to him, The deluxe edition has two extra songs I really like “The Percocet & Stripper Joint” and “F*ck Up Some Commas”. I really dig the horns on the hook of “Percocet” and The beat is just ridiculous. Exactly like “Commas” which gets me unbelievably hyped.

I just need to say that this album is so well produced, shouts out to Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, Zaytoven, and everyone else who made this album sound so good. Future himself sounds fantastic on all of these beats and his flow just WORKS. That is really I all have to say about this album. It is enjoyable and sounds so good.

by Addison Garry (@addisonagarry)