Wrong - Self-Titled

Let the 90’s Worship CONTINUE

Now, I know I write a lot about albums that no one knows about, but isn’t that the point? To show people new things they might like? Well this is one of those bands you might like. However, there is a checklist to complete.

Do you like riffs? Check.
Do you like head banging? Check.
Do you like that band Helmet that had that song in Guitar Hero 1? Check.
Do you like guitar solos? I am still on the fence about this one, but whatever check anyways.

Wrong­, the name of the band AND the album, makes for a really clean looking album cover, and also a ripper of a debut album. Wrong has several bands that they worship pretty heavily and those influences shine through. I write a lot about the fine line between imitation and influence. Thankfully, this album falls in the latter. Worshipped bands include: Helmet, Mastodon, Unsane, Melvins, and throw in a little Cobain-esque guitar solos? If none of those bands rang a bell that’s okay. I’ll simplify it. It's loud, it's noisy, it's groovy, and (I hate this word) it shreds.

Almost every song is heavily guitar driven. Buzz saw tone with heavy feedback create a wall of sound with every massive riff and harmonic. But Wrong does a great job of changing the dynamic of the sonic structure. One section will incorporate a driven, chugging riff repeated under shouted vocals, then the next section will raise the register and will become noisy, with a cloud of tremolo picking. This high pitched–low pitched riff dynamic plays off with the vocals, and often the vocals mirror the guitar inflection. This dance makes the album rarely go stale, and gives the listener a breather before pummeling them with another riff.

Album highlight “Stasis” features my favorite riff on the album, and also shows of the songwriting that Wrong excels in. Never letting a groove run too long and bringing it back just for the extra punch.

If you like 90’s influenced drop D riffs, check this album out. If you like to skateboard with Vans Old Skools with a flat brimmed hat bent upwards, check this album out. If you like Bjork and The National, also check this album out because your palette needs a little noise cleansing.

 by Andy Wilcox (@wilco204)