Red Wing Heritage 8180

By Daniel Coughlin

Some shoes have a history. Some shoe companies have an equally rich history. Red Wing Shoes and the Green Kangatan have such a history. The shoe was originally a collaboration between iconic baseball player Ted Williams, Sears and Red Wing Shoes. You can read about the history and see some quality pictures of the boot here.

Recently, it was announced the the Green Kangatan would be making a comeback in a revised version of the boot. Introducing the Red Wing 8180 Green Kangatan. I had scoured the Internet to the best of my abilities looking for a location to purchase my size. The few places I could find to buy the boot only had a size run of 8-10.5 and only one of the locations that had the boot for retail was in the United States.

And then I got lucky. On a day trip with friends to some of our favorite shops, we stopped in to the Red Wing flagship store in Red Wing, MN. We spend a great deal of time wandering about and trying on various boots, but I wasn't there to purchase anything. Before leaving, I approached one of their employees. A city finance worker who does part-time sales at the store, and the person who has been, by far, the most helpful to me when it comes to Red Wing boots over the past couple of years. I wanted to find out from him if there was a broad release date for the United States and if there would be a full size run. He looked through their computer system and made my day. He looked at me and said, "It says that we have it in stock. In your size." He brought it out for me and it was the very 8180 that I had been looking for since the boot was first announced. They had just received them in shipment and had one pair in each size, including mine.

So here it is, the discontinued, supposedly non-United States Red Wing Green Kangatan 8180.

As you can see, the source and amount of lighting can impact the "green" of the leather, making it either very subtle or rather pronounced.