Air Jordan 4 Columbia Retro

A lot of great stuff has been going down in the world of fashion and street wear. The avalanche of shoe releases since Thanksgiving hasn't slowed down even though the holidays and their halcyon spending are now behind us.

The Air Jordan branch announced in mid-2014 that the following year would see an old-twist: the remastering of all retro releases. The Nike brand made a statement that they would be creating retro releases that mirrored the original release as closely as possible. A more concentrated effort was going to be put into the materials and design of each shoe.

The first shoe to test that commitment from the Jordan brand is the 2015 release of the Air Jordan 4 Columbia retro. This particular colorway of the 4 was originally released in 1999. As a bonus, the 4 also includes the traditional Jordan 4 packaging, which will not be something seen on almost all of the remaining releases in 2015.

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the Jordan signature model and all the retro releases lined up for this year other than the Jordan 4 Columbia and Jordan 4 Oreo (2/21/15 release) are set to come in a special all black box with the Jumpman and "23" stamped on the box in gold foil.

For the remastered Jordans, Nike is kind enough to raise the price for the shoe. But only by a small margin. And based on the quality of the first remastered retro, this might actually be well worth it.

I did get my hands on the Jordan 4 Columbia, check the pictures of my pair. Pictures taken by Air Lainey.