First World Bargains: Thrift Store Finds February 2015

There is a lot to say about American culture. Our excess. Our over-confidence. Our relative perception of survival. I'm not going to dive deep here, I will repress the sociology major that never was. Let's just say: One man's trash is another man's treasure.

This is the February edition of our thrift store finds.

The world of sneakers can be a nasty, dark, selfish place. The marketplace of pure greed, one of the main reasons that I shy away from seeking out these types of things in bigger markets and keep it small town, thrift shop style.

Also, women's sneakers have lately seen a drastic reduction in production, manufacturers like Nike who used to crush the market with Nike Dunks, Nike Jordans, and other combinations of the two, have largely ignored the women's market except to produce a "faux-heeled" model of Dunks.

Women's sneakers are also in abundance in thrift shops, which is surprising. Not only are the fewer women's sneakers from the likes of New Balance, Reebok, Nike and adidas in circulation, but they also tend to be kept in better condition by their owners, compared to men's shoes.

Finding this pair of Nike Air Max in such great condition is a rare feat. And this, as you can see, is the shoe prior to cleaning. Once the shoes have been cleaned, it will be like a brand new pair of Air Max, or gently worn at worst. My favorite detail has to be the stitched hearts on either end of the Nike Swoosh at the tongue base. Great pick up for under $10.

Newflash: WE LOVE AMERICAN HERITAGE BRANDS. Made in the USA? Check. High quality? Check. Comfortable? Check. Do I feel like Bill Murray when I wear it? Check. Under $8? Absolutely. Impossible to go wrong with anything from Woolrich and this piece is no exception.

Some great detail, including the leather Woolrich tag on the breast pocket. Works exceptionally well as an overshirt, comedic in the fact that it is not only decorated with items particular to fishing and also a perfect shirt to wear when out at the water casting. I might have to pick up fishing as a hobby to really engage the meta aspects of this fine pick up.


This was a big gamble. Do you really want to wear a hat that someone else wore? I have never purchased a "used" hat before. It's slightly less uncomfortable than buying used socks or underwear.

I pulled the trigger on it after all as it came with all of the original tags/stickers on it, was right at the max amount to pay of $10 and is a Mitchell and Ness snapback. I have many snapbacks from Mitchell and Ness, love them all, and they all cost me at least double what this went for. Another nice plus: Vancouver instead of Memphis. While Mitchell and Ness do specialize in "throwback" athletic apparel, still nice to see something that makes me think of Bryant Reeves.

Another win for the ladies! This is the "Cardinal" colorway of the Air Jordan 7. The Air Jordan 7 was originally released 23 years ago in 1992. The shoe is worn, but still retains all of the original condition of the shoe with no permanent stains or tears. And again, this is pre-clean condition.

The Jordan 7 has been the main focus of the 2015 Air Jordan Retro series. The Jordan brand has been making it a habit to release multiple colorways of each Jordan signature model in the year of the shoe's 23rd Anniversary. This is clearly pointed at celebrating Michael Jordan who immortalized the number 23 in sports, and made the Air Jordan line the most lucrative shoe in history, as the number that he wore on his jersey as a member of the Chicago Bulls while leading them to six NBA championships.

While the French Blue Retro was only mildly popular, the Barcelona Nights original colorway that release this past weekend sold out almost immediately which several more releases planned for the 2015 calendar. Instead of dropping $200 on "Marvin the Martian" release, we grabbed these for a cool $7.

In addition to this pair of the Air Jordan 7, we also picked up a pair of children's Air Jordan 7s, not pictured. A great year to celebrate the Air Jordan 7, you can do that at your local Footlocker or, like us, at your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or Savers.

Our last snag of the month is this Chicago Bulls sweater jacket. Not anything particularly flashy, but as a Bulls fan I had to jump to get this piece. It is thin and fairly well worn, but was under $6. Never heard of the brand, but that could be due to its age.


The great continuity of this piece is that it was manufactured in the same year that the Air Jordan 7 was originally released, 1992. A 23-year-old jacket that has retained a great deal of its original condition with no visible wear or staining. 1992 was a good year.

Stick around for next month's pick ups, or get in touch with us and share your own.