First World Bargains: Thrift Store Finds April 2015

There is a lot to say about American culture. Our excess. Our over-confidence. Our relative perception of survival. I'm not going to dive deep here, I will repress the sociology major that never was. Let's just say: One man's trash is another man's treasure.

After a dry spell in March, which happens from time to time in the world of bargain hunting, April picked up and more than made up for the mundane March stretch. This is the April edition of thrift store finds.

Someone must have unloaded a whole bunch of ancient Minnesota Twins gear. This wasn't the only, but definitely favorite, pickup from that haul. An original 1991 crewneck sweatshirt celebrating the glory days of Kirby and Co.

Something very difficult to find: men's sneakers in good condition that may be something desirable, or a signature model.

Something  very easy to find: youth, grade school, or women's size sneakers in good condition. Between the Nike Air Max line and the various Jordan signature models, I have seen at least one variation of almost every early Air Jordan signature shoe. Mostly, not in good condition or in a size that no one I know wears. This was a great pick up for the wife.

This is a most excellent pick up. The Air Jordan 6 in an exclusive grade school "rainbow" colorway. This variation of the shoe was originally released in 2010, but we picked it up in April 2015 for $6.

This pair is in remarkable condition - these photos were taken pre-cleaning. The yellowing of the soul is a natural an unavoidable process that comes with the age of the shoe and does not indicate excessive wear. It may indicate that they were worn or left in damp or excessively warm areas frequently, but the shoes themselves are fantastic.

This shirt looks ordinary at first passing, possibly even undesirable. Seeing it triggered a memory from recently reading Roland Lazenby's "Michael Jordan: The Life." Something mentioned in the book was a venture by Michael Jordan and his late father, James Jordan. The venture was small chain of stores owned and operated by James Jordan that sold Michael Jordan-related merchandise. In the end, James did a very poor job of managing the stores and that ultimately led to seizure of control by Michael Jordan who carefully managed his personal brand after his father's failure. Eventually, it became Jordan Brand Flight 23, an extension of the now ginormous Jordan empire. This shirt is a relic from the early days of Michael Jordan, before the launch of the Jordan/Nike endeavors. I assume there is no value in this item, but as a huge Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan fan, I was unreasonably happy to find this. Thanks to my friend, Kyle Flater, for letting my read his copy of Lazenby's book, which I have yet to return to him.

The last of the batch for April: a Woolrich button up. These are some of best, usually American-made goods you can get. I've found that the Woolrich I have owned is best as outerwear to protect against cold or the elements. This shirt is of the highest quality and in great condition. At just under $5, this comes in a literally a fraction of the retail cost.

Picking up some of the best clothing that money can buy for not much money is a huge win. Good luck hunting everyone, see you next month.

by Daniel Coughlin