Nike SB De La Soul Dunk

The 1990s produced hundreds of iconic moments, images, sounds, personalities, cultures and fashion statements. The 90s saw the rise and domination of basketball from the cult favorite Inside Stuff with Ahmad Rashad to the introduction of skateboarding culture as a mainstream market. Music also took a dramatic step forward in cultural relevance during this time period. The emergence of hip-hop music coincided with the rise of basketball and street-style skateboard in metropolitan areas to bring a new identity to youth. De La Soul was one of the frontrunners of hip-hop in the 90s and forged a collaboration with Nike for their massively successful SB Dunk line.

In 2015, Nike and De La Soul are back. This year, a high-top dunk was released, based on the low-top version originally released 10 years earlier. The design features an all-white Dunk silhouette that gets a bright dash of color via the artwork from the De La Soul classic, Three Fight High and Rising. A colorful and accurate tribute to the original De La Soul Dunks, we now have a high-top variation of the classic to enjoy.

Word: Daniel Coughlin

Photos: Air Lainey